Free mint is over now! Thanks for your support! Join our discord to get GojuoNFT Colored as airdrop! GojuoNFT are 5408 uniquely generated poker cards with Japanese character in ERC-721 standard issued on both Ethereum and Polygon. Unlike most NFT projects only storing a website link into the blockchain, ALL visual elements and ALL metadata of GojuoNFT are securely put on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain, making our NFT collection truly immutable. We will also launch a Play-to-Learn-to-Earn game exclusive for our NFT owners!


漢字 Sun Moon Fire Water Wood Gold Soil = 7 days in a week


平仮名 o ha yo u = GM / Good Morning


片仮名 sa to shi = founder of Bitcoin


GojuoNFT is a type of text art, aka ASCII art. Entire NFT is formed by text only which makes cost of on-chain storage much lower comparing to an image-based NFT. There are 104 Japanese characters in our collection under 3 main categories, i.e. hiragana 平仮名 (e.g.あいうえお ), katakana 片仮名 (e.g. アイウエオ) and kanji 漢字 (e.g. 日月気円). Each Japanese character is enlarged and comprised of the respective phonetic alphabet or English word.


Total Supply on Ethereum & Polygon

Hiragana characters

Katakana characters

Kanji characters

Text colors

Background colors


Play-to-Learn-to-Earn Game

GojuoNFT owner will be eligible for playing a Tinder-style Japanese learning game to earn more NFT. It is a very simple game to test your understanding on hiragana 平仮名, katakana 片仮名 and kanji 漢字.


In the game, a GojuoNFT will be shown on the screen. If you think the NFT is a katakana, swipe left. If you think the NFT is a kanji, swipe up. If you think the NFT is a hiragana, swipe right. Those who get the most correct answers within a certain period can earn NFTs!


30% of GojuoNFT Colored are reserved as game rewards! We will potentially launch the game in Q1 2023. Stay tuned!

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How to get GojuoNFT?

GojuoNFT Classic (Token ID 0 - 2703)


GojuoNFT Colored (Token ID 2704 - 5407)
  • 1. Claim a GojuoNFT Classic
  • 2. Follow our Twitter @gojuonft, like and retweet our pinned post and tag 3 friends
  • 3. Join our Discord
  • 4. You will get up to 9 GojuoNFT Coloredfor each of your claimed GojuoNFT Classic. More you claim, More you get! Giveaway details can be found in our Discord.

How to claim GojuoNFT Classic for free?

All GojuoNFT have been minted already! Thanks for your support!

Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can claim GojuoNFT Classic for free. You just need to pay for gas. Token ID between 0 to 2391 are open for the public. Token ID between 2392 to 2703 are reserved for contract developers.

  • 1. Search token ID for your desired combination of suit, rank and Japanese character in the previous section
  • 2. If your token ID shows up here, that mean it is claimed already. Please pick another one or buy from OpenSea
  • 3.

On-chain Mechanism


Each GojuoNFT consists of visual elements and metadata. All metadata including suit, rank and the phonetic alphabet or the English word were already written into Ethereum when the NFT smart contract was successfully deployed.

For visual elements, there are 3 parts, i.e. top, middle and bottom. Both top and bottom parts were already written into Ethereum when the NFT smart contract was deployed. Since all 5408 NFTs are derived from 104 Japanese characters (46 Hiragana + 46 Katakana + 12 Kanji), only 104 sets of on-chain visual elements are enough to represent the entire GojuoNFT collection.

That's why there are two tiers of GojuoNFT Classic. For token ID between 0 to 103, users are required to input the middle part of the GojuoNFT visual elements when they claim the token. The input data can be found in the previous section. 104 sets of hashed data verifiers were pre-written into the NFT smart contract to ensure users inputting the exact data when they claim the token. The gas is around 0.023 ETH (for 50 gwei gas price).

For token ID between 104 to 2703, users are not required to input the middle part of the GojuoNFT visual elements. The gas is much lower which costs around 0.0075 ETH (for 50 gwei gas price).



Frequently Asked Questions

NFT stands for non-fungible token where each token is unique in contrast to Bitcoin or Ether. NFT becomes the new way of collecting and trading digital art powered by blockchain. More details can be found in an intro article by Christie's.

Gojūon (五十音, "fifty sounds") is a traditional system ordering kana 仮名 by their component phonemes. Kana is the backbone of Japanese language where each one corresponds to one sound in Japanese.

There are 52 cards in one deck and 104 Japanese characters so the total unique combination is 52 * 104 = 5408. The total supply is written in the smart contract. No one even the owner can change the total supply!

Yes, please visit our page in OpenSea to search for all listed NFT.

It will automatically show up in OpenSea. You just visit our page in OpenSea to set price for your NFT.

Visit the Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Etherscan or Polygon Blockchain Explorer Polygonscan.

Click “getSuit”, “getRank”, “getWord” or “getMidContent”, then input tokenId to retrieve the respective data. For “getMidContent”, you will see an error message “Refer to token ID 0-103 for middle part of NFT content” if you query token ID > 103, please refer to the previous section “On-chain Mechanism” for further explanation.

For GojuoNFT on Polygon, click “getBackgroundColor”, “getTextColor” or “getTextColorRgbCode”, then input tokenId to retrieve the respective color data.

Click “getTopContent”, then input one of the 4 suits (i.e. diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades) to retrieve top part of the GojuoNFT visual element.

Click “getBottomContent” to retrieve the bottom part of the GojuoNFT visual element.

For “getTopContent” and “getMidContent”, the output data is encoded in hexadecimal. Copy the whole text except the “0x” in the front and paste it in hex-to-string converter to convert back to human-readable format.

For “getMidContent”, after the conversion, you need to enter a new line after each “\n”.

For “getBottomContent”, the output data is also encoded in hexadecimal. Copy the whole text except the “0x00000...00” in the front and paste it in hex-to-string converter. You may not see the whole bottom card clearly as last few bytes of the hex-data are trimed in Etherscan.

Inbox us via Twitter @gojuonft or join our Discord.

If the gas is above 1.5 ETH, that token ID probably has been claimed already. All claimed token shows up here.

You can also check Etherscan Gas Tracker for average gas price.

Yes, you need to connect your Ledger wallet to MetaMask. Please refer to new method or old method.

In you Ledger wallet, go to Ethereum App, then go to “Settings”, set “Contract data” as “Allowed”. In your MetaMask, click “Settings” > “Advanced”, scroll to the bottom to turn on “Use Ledger Live”. Open your “Ledger Live” Desktop Application. Then, try to claim it again.

Try to connect your Ledger wallet to MetaMask in browser other than Chrome, such as Brave.

Or open a new account in MetaMask and transfer some of your ETH from Ledger wallet to that account and start claiming again!

Check here to see whether that token ID is claimed or not. For token ID between 0 to 103, check whether the input data is correct or not. If everything is right, you can ignore the error to confirm the transaction.

Make sure your MetaMask is properly connected with a message “ Connected - Web3 ” in the top of Etherscan.

Or you can also try to use MetaMask extension via Desktop Chrome instead of mobile app.